Dryden Clark

One of the things that was brought to my attention in these readings was how much memory is broken down. I guess I take this just for granted and never really thought about how many different processes the brain has to remember and retain information as well as filter out was is deemed as useless information. Another thing that was brought to my attention was being around students that are being bullied and picked on. Its not that I did not think this happened in school, but forgot about this aspect of being a teacher that you are more than just someone who provides knowledge, but a mentor and someone students can talk to about issues there are having.  The way youth compared to adults or adolescence learn was also brought to my attention. How age limits you in ways of using different strategies to retain information whether it be short or long term memory. Youth having difficulty developing useful and easy strategies to retain information.

I connected with the multiple times in the readings an example is given or exercise on how you use different strategies such as imagery in memory and this to picture what is beside Tim Hortons. This was another that I do not really think about and is a life skill that is undervalued. The other part I connected with was the example of the little girl being picked on by friends in school. This happened very similarly to a girl I went to school with and was kept hidden from most people and it unfortunately lead to her switching schools.

The question I have is more so for myself and how would I react if the story about the girl being picked happened in my classroom. How would I deal with this? Would I notice this is going on? I’d like to believe I would, but ultimately have that fear in the back of your mind that you would slip up and let a student done that you did not doing anything make their schooling and home life improve.

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