Dryden Clark Week 4 Readings

Observational learning is something I never thought of before in a sense of how it is broken down in this chapter. I had an understanding that humans do this as a form of learning, but not in the steps shown. My previous knowledge understood this as you seen something you wanted to learn or do and tried to perform it. Not knowing that there is a underlying motivation behind why you want to learn this like satisfying someone else. One thing I learned through the readings was, how successful it can be to give students control in their learning. I would assume if this was given to me I would always take the easiest way out, but by giving a certain part of the control, were the teacher says write a minimum of 4 pages or more on your favourite activity outside of school. You give the student a guild line, but motivate them to write about what they want or is important to them. Another section that I did not know about was the two types of motivation extrinsic and intrinsic. I had never really thought of motivation in either of these types of form before, but when you start to look back at many of the tasks you have performed in life they always fit into one of these to sub-types of motivation.

I can relate to teachers behaviour and feedback directly impacting students goals as mention in the start of chapter 11.  My teacher was old school and put the fear of god in you if you did not study or complete an assignment. Not that this was a good thing, but oddly enough it was my best mark in high school. Both these teachers affect my drive and goals in the classroom.

Another topic in the reading I can relate to is observational learning. When I was playing hockey at a young age, I looked up to a older youth on my team. This boy was a really good skater and I liked the way he skated and my dad always talked about how he skated so nice. . Through watching the boy and using the 4 steps of attention, retention, production and motivation and reinforcement I learned how to skate a different way without knowing that I was using these steps.

Question As a teacher how does one get a student to go from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation? Or should we just be satisfied if the student that does have extrinsic motivation still has good marks and seems to understand what you are teaching?

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  1. Thanks for the blog Dryden.
    I had a laugh at the “teacher who put the fear of god into you.” I never experienced such a thing as I went through school, but I am glad it worked for you. It is interested how we are products of these different types of learning, typically without knowing that it is happening. I do not have a real solid answer to your question. I feel every single student is going to present different challenges that we have to approach in a particular way. We may not have a choice but to accept an extrinsic approach to their learning as long as it works.


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