Dryden Clark Volunteer Placement

My placement is at William Booth Special Care Home. Right off the bat something that stood out to me was how many people come to the home for part of the day to just attend part of the programming and then later go home. My understanding is the folks just come to socialize and take part in the planned activities that go on from games to singing. I thought that the home was also just a palliative care home and quickly realized that it is not just that at all. There are many different patients there from palliative patients to people who just need some assistance with day to day life. I did not know that William Booth was part of Red Cross either. My previous knowledge was it was a privately ran Care home. I have only had one session there so far, but really enjoyed my time with everyone. The experience was much different that I expected.

Something I connected with was the brain development we have been learning about in class. Mental health is definitely a big part of the people involved at William Booth. This mental ranges from people who have had mental health from birth and others that have developed overtime as they have aged. Another connection I have is with some family members over the years that have developed mental health problems as they got older. It truly is amazing and at the same time very sad what can happen to the brain as we grow older and the body slowly starts to shut down.

The question I have is why is there so much negativity around similar care homes or even homes that are less involved and supply less assistance and allow people to come and go. Unfortunately people do grow old and need help at times and that’s what these homes are there for and yet people have negative thoughts and a hard time going there or helping a family member go to one of these homes.



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