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Discussion Forum Becoming a Teacher     Topic 1: Becoming a Teacher

Why do I want to become a teacher?
As a kid I really did not enjoy school for the most part. Mostly due to that fact that I would get bored or just was not engaged in the course material. This depended on my teacher or what class I was in. As I grew up I learned to enjoy school for other reasons aside from the school work itself, whether it be participating in sports and other extra curricular activities at school, as well as being around friends and the social aspect of school.
Towards the end of high school I started thinking about becoming a teacher. One of the reasons was looking back on my experiences, I wanted to make school more enjoyable and engaging for all types of kids to the best of my abilities. Along with that I have always enjoyed working with youth from coaching to volunteering with youth and even my current job I work with troubled youth everyday.
As I graduated and went to university I started to lose this drive I had towards becoming a teacher and ended up leaving university to figure out what I truly wanted to do. After a few years of working and looking back at what I wanted, along with talking with my uncle who is a teacher, I realized that teaching was really what I wanted in life. The fire was rekindled and now I am back in school and excited at this opportunity I have been given.
Are you a teacher 24 hours a day?
I do believe once you have chosen this as your path you have a responsibility and standard to up hold. At the same time you are human being and not a robot and can have a personal life, but it must remain personal. With that though you are a role model for youth. When I become a parent I want my kids to be able to look towards their own teacher a positive role model. I had a few teachers as I got older that were role models for me and had a big impact on who I am today. Hopefully I can be that to future students and make a positive impact on their lives.

Discussion Forum Social Construction of Identity    Topic 6: Power, Places & Privilege: Constructing Social and Racial Identities

As a male the world has taught and shaped me that I am not allowed to show emotion. That I am tough and have to look after our family and being an athlete. Have a hard working job and be able to fix and renovate things like cars or house projects. I do believe I have taken a few of these traits on whether that be from the world pushing these on me or maybe its just part of my personality. I do not really like to show emotion and try to work hard at work or on a project, now I am not a “handy man” but when I was younger I was scared to show emotion and still do not really show a lot and cope with things me own way. This I believe is do to from fear of letting my dad down or being made fun of by peers at school. Boys want to be that macho cool guy in high school and it shapes who you are or try to be during this time.
Another social construct that I have experienced is the benefit in our society of being a white male from a middle class family. I may have been given opportunities others not like myself have been given. Anytime I have had a job opportunity I have received the job.
A big social construction for both men and women is the media. Commercials, magazines the internet all tell us what the perfect imagine in terms of body shape, clothing to wear, what vehicle to drive, what jobs are “sexy”. The media portrays what religions are excepted what sexuality is acceptable, what words and phrases are wrong and right. All these things shape who we are or who we strive to be.


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