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Below are quotes and a post from field blogs I have written relating to my ECS 100 field experience.

“I have seen multiple ways Ruth M. Buck is honoring diversity and equality as well as human rights.  Aboriginal culture has been more implemented into the classrooms. Students are allowed to honor their religion and culture in the classroom as well as they can wear headdresses and other cultural clothing.” – Dryden Clark Week 4 & 5 

” I have not seen a lot of examples of different ways of knowing, but I am only there for a few hours a week. Aboriginals peoples history is being taught in the class and the students seem to be enjoying the lessons especially the few aboriginal students in the classroom. Religious beliefs are also being honored in the classroom with different clothing being allowed for students.” – Dryden Clark Week 3

Stories from the Field – Week 2 blog post 
“The people involved at Ruth M. Buck school are all very welcoming and invested in their school. Many teachers and staff have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and show me around the school and how daily activities and the school routine works.

The school and its community is self is very positive. The school is placed in a nice safe community with another catholic school directly across the street, both schools are surrounded by parks for the youth to play and get some outdoor exercise. The school is a very safe and welcoming place.

This school has a quiet room program that is there to encourage students mostly in grades6-8 that have not been showing up to school around the city to come to this school and they will have their own smaller classroom that is there to help address these students needs and sometime unique situations away from school. These students are currently making costumes for the teachers for Halloween so I hope they make one for me and I can upload a picture on myself on Halloween.

I have really being enjoying myself in this field placement the students are great and so are the teachers and staff, I have been asked to check out a few other different age groups classrooms by some teachers do grab some experience with different students. Last week I was asked to come in early to watch a classroom over lunch hour as the teachers were in a training program over lunch. I looked after a grade 2 classroom and they were great.  Very hyper and always looking to tell you stories and show you what their building or drawing, it was a lot of fun.”

“Honestly this first day for me was amazing, it was a real wow I am so happy that I am going to be involved in teaching in the near future. I look forward to the rest of my field work…” – Dryden Clark Week 1

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