My Background

I am born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan. I grew up in a family of four with my mom, dad and younger brother. I went to St. Jerome Elementary School in the city of Regina followed by attending Michael A. Riffel High School. Growing up I played multiple sports including soccer, hockey, lacrosse, baseball and football as well as participating in almost all of my elementary school sports in both grade 7 & 8. I have been chosen as a captain for a few of the teams I played on including hockey, football and lacrosse throughout the years. I also received the leadership award in grade 12 for my high school football team after our team won provincials. I enjoy spending time outside throughout the entire time, including fishing year round, still enjoying playing sports when I can hockey in the winter and slo pitch during the spring and summer. The last four years have been an exciting time for me as I purchased my first piece of properly, a cabin, at Buffalo Pound Lake in Spring 2015.

I began to realize that I wanted to become a teacher in high school and started to pursue this goal by attending the University of Regina. I had to wait until the winter semester after high school graduation to begin at the U of R as I had to have shoulder surgery in the fall. However, I started in the Faculty of Arts as I did not know what field in education I wanted to strive for. After two years of university, I started to lose the passion and drive to be in school and become a teacher. I needed a break from school so I decided to take some time to critically think about what I wanted to do in the future. After a few years of bouncing around trying a few different jobs and thinking of what I wanted to do I began working at Paul Dojack Youth Centre. It was from this point that the fire of wanting to become a teacher was re-lit. I once again started to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher at the University of Regina. I am now in my 3rd year of my education degree, getting to experience being in the classroom and really enjoying it. Since coming back to school I have learned a lot about myself and my journey in becoming a teacher. It has been a great decision to come back to school and has provided a path for me to look forward to and follow.

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