Placement expierences

My placement in a grade 4 classroom has been extremely enjoyable and has really opened my mind into what being a teacher entails. I was nervous at first to be with a younger group of students, but soon realized how much fun they could be. I really had to take a step back and understand how to teach younger students and relay the lesson in a way that makes sense to them. At the beginning, I assumed I wanted to just give the student that answer when they asked a question as it seemed so easy to answer. This was a challenge and really taught me that you do have to alter your teaching style depending upon the grade you are teaching. Students in this grade and younger always seem so excited to tell you a story or show you something they have made or completed. It is easy to forget about how innocent children really are. I have also had the opportunity to work with a grade 8 class as part of one of my ECS 100 placement and was part of a health class for boys. It was made apparent how large of a gap there is between grades 4 and 8, and to see teachers alter their style teaching.

Throughout the experience, the role of technology in classrooms today has been apparent. It has been interesting to see how classrooms have evolved since I was in elementary and incorporated technology. In terms of change, diversity and respect of multiculturalism has changed dramatically since I was in elementary school.  I hope this was not due to the fact that I attended a catholic school and that diversity was not involved in the catholic school system in comparison to the public school system where I have been completing my ECS 100 placement. This was a crucial aspect for me to physically see so that I have a better understanding walking into different classrooms and creating lesson plans. For example, it was interesting for me to see Aboriginal history, culture, and stories being incorporated into the classroom. Each week, this placement reinforces my appreciation for what teachers do on a daily basis and it has kept that fire lit inside me to become a teacher.

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