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1200px-TRC_Canada_Logo.svgIt is important for us to recognize we are all treaty people. And as we are all treaty people we have the responsibility to understand our past. What the treaties are, how they have been honoured and not honoured, what the purpose of these treaties were. The oppression Indigenous people have faced as well as are still facing. To recognize residential schools and the impact they have had and are still having on Indigenous people and Canada today. Most importantly we have the responsibility to affect change, bring awareness to others. To build a global awareness of what happened and the good Indigenous people are doing and have been doing.


As a future teacher I believe that it is not only my job, but my responsibility to teach change to our students, who in turn can put that change into affect. In my classroom this will look like, bringing in speakers and other educators who can speak from personal experience on both why we need change and how change has affected them. Incorporating multiple cultures into my classroom, multiple diversities that will include, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, family background. Along with educating my students I myself must continue to learn. Our world is always  changing and new issues being brought forth. As a teacher I must stay up to date and what it going on in our world and with our youth. I can not expect myself to become an expert on these issues and actions of change, but I must learn what I can. Teach what I know to my students, remain not biased when speaking to my students. Bring in experts or those with more knowledge and background than myself when I can.


As for a person everyday I can still affect change. Speak out on issues that may be brought up in my life. Such as at work, with family and friends, in public. To not stand by and watch wrong doing happen and speak up, donate or do whatever action is needed in order to progress towards that change. To educate my family and friends as some may not be exposed to the knowledge that I may have learned through teaching and working with youth. To further create awareness with older generations who may have not been taught this or had any awareness brought to them on social issues.

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