Volunteer Experience

My volunteer work has almost exclusively been involved with youth. In 2011, I was involving in coaching the lacrosse team at the elementary school I attended, St. Jerome in Regina. My interest in coaching youth lead to coaching a Regina Minor Football Peewee team for the 2016 season. In the past, I have also volunteered with Hockey Regina as a shooter and assistant with goalie tryouts.

Outside of coaching youth, I have also volunteered on and off with St. Cecilia Church in Regina to assist my grandmother deliver communion to those who cannot attend church due to medical reasons. More recently, since September I have been volunteering at William Booth Special Care Home. This has been the most challenging and interesting volunteering experience to date as I do not have as much experience working with an older population and those with hearing or eyesight difficulties or other health issues.

Overall, volunteer work has provided me with the chance to step outside of my comfort zone and broaden my experience with other populations, such as the elderly. As an education student I plan to continue to volunteer in a variety of settings as I feel this allows me the opportunity to continually communicate and adapt my interaction and teaching styles with various populations.

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