What Makes a Good Teacher

In my opinion what makes a good teacher is a teacher that is invested. You have to be invested in yourself, the curriculum and most importantly the students. Along with being invested, you have to be genuine. Kids can tell when you are not being genuine and this can be a deal breaker for students being able to trust their teacher. Being a good teacher means you have the ability to adapt to many unique situations and students. Each school, classroom and student is going to be different. A good teacher has to not only accept this, but be able to adapt and use their strengths and other resources to make the best out of each unique situation. Teachers also need to be open minded and have a willingness to listen and learn to other teachers and students. Students can educate a teacher significantly without even knowing it and these are great opportunities for teachers to grow as an educator. A good teacher also has to also be creative in order to keep students engaged, as well as to provide different learning experiences for students. There are many other ways I hope to learn and implement that shape what I believe is a good teacher over the coming years. I will utilize those learning opportunities to grow as an educator myself.

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