Why Do I Want to Teach?

There are many reasons why I have chosen to go down a teaching career path. One of the main reasons is because I did not enjoy school so much growing up. Due to my past school attitude, I would like to attempt to make every students’ school experience enjoyable to the best of my ability while teaching in the curriculum and upholding to my expectations as a teacher. Another reason is to be a role model for students. I did not have many male teachers during my school years, but the few I had made a significant impact on my education and I hope I can do the same for future students. Thirdly, I enjoy working with youth. Working with youth through my short amount of time in the schools and while coaching has brought me joy. Being able to help a student grow and shape their education is really exciting and I very much look forward to doing so. Another aspect of teaching I am looking forward to is being able to coach sports. I have a love for coaching and have always been heavily involved in various sports.


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