Work Experience


I have been employed at Paul Dojack Youth Centre full time as a Parental Care Worker since January 2016. I have obtained most of my training, including suicide assist training and mental health training, as I work with youth directly. Working at this facility has provided me with the opportunity to work with youth and to gain experience with learning how to guide youth in troubled situations. In June 2017, I was trained and promoted to backfill as the night supervisor at the facility.


  • I worked for one year from March 2013-2014 part-time as a delivery driver at Crystal Clear Water. In this position, I was responsible for filling and delivering 5 gallon water jugs to residential and commercial customers throughout Regina and surrounding areas.
  • For the summer of 2014, I worked at Deere Valley Golf Course which is located outside of Regina. This job had many responsibilities including cutting grass, sodding and shaping the course, managing sand traps, and maintaining the irrigation system.
  • From August 2014-April 2015 I was employed at Extreme Hockey and Sport in Regina as both a part-time and full-time retail specialist.
  • I was employed by the City of Regina from May 2015-November 2015 as a full-time seasonal worker at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery. This job entailed general upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery.


  • I was employed at Joanne Goulet Golf Course as a part-time back shop worker for the months April-October from 2009-2012 during the golf season. This job involved washing and upkeep on the golf carts, as well as retrieving the driving range golf balls.
  • From February 2012-June 2012 I worked part-time at Lowes in regina as a cashier and loader. Loading involved organizing the loading and storage area in the store, as well as assisting customers with purchased items. As a cashier, I was responsible for handling money and communicating with clientele.



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